New Movie Review:”Your Name ” ,:A Sizzling Animation Taking A “Freaky Friday “Idea Into BreathTaking Places .

Your Name is about a pair of would-be star-crossed lovers, but it earns that union and that romance in a way that few love stories even attempt to match. And like those feelings that Taki and Mitsuha can’t place but keep doggedly chasing, it’s fated to be remembered.

There are a handful of Japanese animated films – Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and The Castle of Cagliostro are three – that seem custom-built to win over a new generation of admirers in the west. Each one is a perfect digest of the lightning-fork vitality, swirling metaphysics and laser-cut visual dazzle that defines anime at its very best. Your Name is the next.

The new film from Makoto Shinkai is so beautiful it’s almost laughable. Like a landscape shining after heavy rain, it feels like real life with the sharpness, brightness and sensation turned right up. It’s a raucous teenage body swap comedy-with-pop-songs that’s also a gleaming daydream on the fluidity of identity – and somehow also a galvanising embrace of our essential helplessness in the biggest of all big pictures.

Each morning, Taki ( Ryûnosuke Kamiki ) wakes up feeling like something’s missing. It’s not a feeling he can articulate in any way, it’s just something he perceives. Sometimes, it comes as an echo he can’t place: “Taki! Don’t you remember me?” Sometimes it’s just the elusive feeling of loss that takes a person over from time to time. Taki goes about his day, waiting tables in a chic Tokyo restaurant, negotiating a crush on his coworker, or hanging out with his friends in cafes. But Taki always knows something is missing. If only he could work out exactly what it is.

Mitsuha ( Mone Kamishiraishi ) has a similar problem. A young girl of high school age living in the rural part of Japan, in the town of Itomori, Mitsuha has been experiencing some strange things. Her friends tell her that she showed up to school the previous day in a disheveled state, missing her signature hair tie. She couldn’t find her classrooms. She’s been acting out. Her sister finds her in her room some mornings, groping herself curiously. 

And one day, Mitsuha discovers a curious message in one of her notebooks: “Who are you?”, written in a hand that definitely isn’t her own. But Mitsuha has plenty of other normal, teenage things to worry about, from living in a town where her domineering father is the mayor, to participating in her family’s kuchikamizake ritual, where she chews rice and physically ferments it in order to leave sake at her family’s tomb. She hates doing it, finding it humiliating in front of her classmates, even if it’s a family tradition.

Taki and Mitsuha are inextricably connected, and one of Your Name ’s wisest creative choices is how little time it spends dragging its heels on the revelation of how they are. That’s not to say that writer-director Makoto Shinkai’s screenplay spells out the logic of its world-bending drama; one of the film’s greatest attributes is how much it leaves to the imagination, beyond a point. But the film is forthcoming with its early revelation that Taki and Mitsuha are switching bodies, spontaneously, and always only for a single day at a time. There’s not necessarily any rhyme or reason to when or why they do, but they do, and when each goes to sleep they awaken the next morning as themselves again. It might have something to do with the coming appearance of a 1,200 year comet, but it’s hard to say.

Before long, they figure out how to help each other function: Taki teaches Mitsuha how to do his job well enough to keep it, but finds himself less enthused with Mitsuha using her time in his body to flirt with his crush and eat so much delicious Tokyo food that his savings account is drying up. Mitsuha helps Taki dress and maintain her relationships, while also helping her beloved grandmother Hitoha ( Etsuko Ichihara ) with the family’s traditional kumihimo , a practice of braid-threading that Shinkai uses as his illustration of the film’s ideas regarding time and fate. To Hitoha, the braids function in the same way as everything else in the world: “The threads twist, tangle, unravel, and connect again. That’s time.” This proves important before long, when a twist of fate heavily complicates the chances of Mitsuha and Taki actually coming together beyond their strange correspondence.

Taki and Mitsuha soon discover that even odder things are happening to them than all the body-swapping business, when they find themselves moved to tears for reasons they can’t fully understand, or when Taki discovers that the smartphone instructions they’ve been leaving for each other (a clever, modern way of bridging the gap) have started to disappear.

 After all, who are you if there’s no lingering thread connecting you to someone else? Your Name concerns itself with identity throughout, from the physical to the existential, although the idea of inverted genders is played more often for casual laughs than for any kind of social commentary. However, it’s more a story of missed connections and the immutable passage of time. (There’s a fair deal to be said, though, about Mitsuha’s desperate wish to be a young boy in Tokyo, as though such a life would be the height of personal freedom and liberation.)

Shinkai(The writer) has an assured command of the film’s tone no matter which kind of story Your Name is telling at the time, which is remarkable given that it fluctuates between broad comedy, melodrama, science fiction, and disaster cinema depending on the scene. Sometimes, you get all of the above at once. While Shinkai(the writer) does occasionally rely on mass bursts of coincidence to get the film where it needs to be, it’s effective in a context where coincidence and fate are such key concepts. Your Name is as much a story of the inevitable as it is a wild fantasy, and for such a wild premise, Shinkai always grounds the storytelling in the emotional resonance of two people simply trying to find better lives. In Taki, Mitsuha finds a way to shrug off her provincial life, and in Mitsuha, Taki finds himself with the opportunity to do something more, and even right a grievous wrong.

Your Name is the kind of film that’s all the more striking for how easily it could have gone awry, but Shinkai has accomplished something unique and genuinely special here. It’s heavily reliant on interpersonal melodrama, but never grows cloying. It’s built around what could be considered a narrative gimmick, particularly in its second half, but never rings insincere. It’s a film about profound cultural loss that transcends borders and domestic histories by rooting its echoes of obliteration and grief in the universally human. Instead of utilizing the imagery of destruction to wallow in even more destruction, as so many modern blockbusters have and continue to do, this is a film that fantasizes about a simpler world where life goes on after the worst. Even if the heart still calls for something it can’t fully explain after such things come to pass.

No comment on Your Name would be complete without touching on Shinkai’s other grand achievement: the film’s remarkable animation. The film stands as one of Japan’s most visually stunning works of recent vintage, a hybrid of gorgeous hand-drawn animation and smartly deployed digital augmentation creating a world that’s at once photorealistic and fantastic. Taki’s urban life is full of clean lines and uncanny skyscrapers, while Mitsuha’s town is bathed in lush greenery and wide-open, starry skies. The character designs are expressive and endearingly cartoonish, and Shinkai frequently lingers over his protagonists, just to gaze and capture their longing gazes in turn.
Your Name is a genuinely astounding piece of feature-length animation as much as anything, and the way in which it uses the medium to build a world that no amount of CG-fueled live action could approximate makes this accomplishment all the more pronounced.

Your Name also manages to excel in what’s arguably one of the most difficult genres to execute with this level of success: the unrepentant melodrama. It’s one of Japan’s all-time highest grossing films (and has also been in theaters there since August 2016, still in release as of this writing), and it’s easy to see where crowds would respond with such fervor. 

The film offers just about everything a good film can, from anguish to swooning romance to brief reprieves of well-earned laughter. But it’s also a reminder that broad emotion, when delivered as well as Shinkai(the writer) does it here, doesn’t have to be a pejorative thing. Heart doesn’t have to be mired beneath several layers of detached irony to appeal to a modern audience. Your Name is about a pair of would-be star-crossed lovers, but it earns that union and that romance in a way that few love stories even attempt to match. And like those feelings that Taki and Mitsuha can’t place but keep doggedly chasing, it’s fated to be remembered.

New Music: Shawn Mendez ” Holding Back”.

The Canadian singer/songwriter shows off his developing artistry on the new upbeat track which serves as a treat to his fans before ‘Illuminate’ tour.

As promised, Shawn Mendes released a new single titled “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” on Thursday, April 20. It looks like he wants to treat fans to new song before he hits the road for his upcoming tour. The track clearly shows the young heartthrob’s musical development as its funky beat is very different from his previous emotional hit songs like “Mercy”, “Stitches” and “Treat You Better”.

With a smooth and raspy vocal, Shawn serenades his dream girl, “Oh, I’ve been shaking/ I love you when you go crazy/ You take all my inhibitions/ Baby, there’s nothing holding me back/ You take me places that tear up my reputation/ Manipulate my decisions/ Baby, there’s nothing holding me back/ There’s nothing holding me back.”
The 18-year-old singer recently said of “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” in a statement, “The minute I wrote this song I knew I wanted to get it out before my tour started, to give fans something new and fresh in addition to everything from ‘Illuminate’. I can’t wait to perform it on the tour, and for everyone to hear it. It’s equal parts what is amazing about this album, and what I’m so excited for about the music I have coming up next.”

Shawn is currently gearing up for his “Illuminate World Tour” which will kick off in Glasgow, Scotland on April 27. He plans to prepare the materials for his next album during the tour. 

New music : Charlie Puth “Attention”

The ‘One Call Away’ hitmaker is making his comeback by releasing a summer anthem which has different vibes from his previous music.
Charlie Puth is back and he steals our attention with a brand new single titled “Attention”. 

Co-written by Charlie and J Kash, the track showcases the singer’s musical development as it’s slightly different from his previous bopped music and loved-up ballads. “Attention” is a perfect summer dance hit as it has fun, upbeat and edgy music.

On the song, Charlie serenades his attention-seeking lover who refuses to let him go. “You just want attention/ You don’t want my heart/ Maybe you just hate the thought of me with someone new/ Yeah, you just want attention/ I knew from the start/ You’re just making sure I’m never getting’ over you,” the 25-year-old singer sings.

“Attention” is expected to be featured on Charlie’s upcoming album. His last studio album ” Nine Track Mind ” was released in 2016 and has gained a massive success worldwide, thanks to hit songs such as “Marvin Gaye” ft. Meghan Trainor and “We Don’t Talk Anymore” ft. Selena Gomez . Charlie reportedly plans to test new materials for the upcoming album when he joins Shawn Mendes on “Illuminate World Tour”.

New Music: Zaytoven feat. Gucci Mane and 21 Savage – ‘East Atlanta Day’

Zaytoven has been crafting hit after hit these past few years and looks like he’s following up on the promise of releasing his debut album.

The producer has joined forces with Gucci mane , Fresh off the remix to Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like,”.Gucci celebrates “East Atlanta Day” with 21 Savage on the first single off super-Zay’s debut album. Guwop pulls up in a Lambo and puts on for his city alongside his fellow ATLien Savage.

“It’s a trap holiday, East Atlanta Day,” declares Guwop.
 Get into the holiday mood with the ATLiens by pressing play on the Trap tune below

New music:Bruno Mars”That’s what I like Remix) featuring Gucci Mane

​Just when you think he’s slowing down, Gucci Mane drops the clutch and hits the gas on em.

Three weeks into April, La Flare’s shared his “ Both (Remix) ” with Drake and Lil Wayne, performed at Coachella , reunited with Rocko on “Pardon Me ,” dropped two loosies, and appeared in videos for Rick Ross’ “ She On My D*ck ” and Young Dolph’s “That’s How I Feel .”

And now he’s on a track with Bruno Mars. Handpicked by the singer to appear on a remix of “ That’s What I Like .”

The singer has now issued a remix pack to further push the song — one each featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR , Gucci Mane and BLVK JVCK.

Gucci Mane contributes to the new version with one full verse in the beginning and a half one towards the end.

Released alongside PARTYNEXTDOOR’s version and another from Blvk Jvck, check it out below.


New music:Kid ink “Lottery” .

Gearing up to release his 7 Series EP on May 5th, Kid Ink is back with the project’s third single.

After hitting the game winner on “ Swish ” with 2 Chainz and teaming up with DJ Mustard and Ty Dolla $ign for “F With U ,” the Cali rapper goes for dolo on “Lottery”—an upbeat track about not fighting with your significant other in Vegas, or something.

Nicki Minaj” No Frauds”music video featuring the Young Money Duo Drake & Weezy .

​Nicki Minaj’s “No Frauds” video is finally here! Featuring Drake and Lil Wayne, the visual is the first music video the Young Money trio has shot together in years.

“No Frauds” is MInaj’s infamous response to Remy Ma’s “ShETHER,” where the Bronx MC blasted the Queens rapper for being fake on the inside and out. “You can’t be Pablo, if your work ain’t selling/ What the f**k is this b**ch inhaling,” Minaj spits on the clap back.

But, it doesn’t end there. The Queen Barb also throws shade at Remy’s mothering skills, album flop, incarceration, surgery and more. The craziest part about Minaj’s surgery lines, in this new video? Rah Ali — Remy’s former friend — appears while Minaj is saying them. For someone who previously said that she’s has nothing against Remy even though they aren’t friends anymore, it sure did look like she picked a side in this visual.
The video was shot partially in London. While watching it, many may wonder why there wasn’t a scene with Minaj, Drake and Wayne together. The Barb later admitted that it was because Weezy wasn’t granted access into the U.K. city. Nevertheless, it’s great to see all three of them in the same video after being separated for so long.

New music: Lana Del Rey Featuring “Lust for Life” Featuring The Weekend.

The duet of Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd show out once again, this time for the title track to the former’s upcoming album Lust For Life .

This marks the fourth time the two have collaborated together; Lana previously guested on Abel’s “Prisoner” (off 2015’s Beauty Behind the Madness), then appeared on both “Party Monster” and “Stargirl Interlude” off his third album Starboy. Now, The Weeknd returns the favor.

LDR’s lead single from her fourth studio album is a twinkling mid-tempo track, which was produced by Rick Nowels (Adele , Jamie xx ) and hears the pop star incorporate the timeless doo-wop sounds of the 60s. For the grand chorus, the pair offers delicate vocals as they trade lines about their sensual romance. “In a lust for life, in a lust for life/ Keeps us alive, keeps us alive,” the duo sings during the hook.

New music:Luis Fonsi “Despacito” featuring Justin Bieber 

​Justin Bieber is without a doubt one of the most talented musicians we have today, and the Canadian superstar’s recent cameo on the remix of Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi‘s collaborative single with Daddy Yankee , ‘ Despacito‘, is yet another proof of the 23 year old’s flair.

Singing in Spanish for the first time ever, Bieber lays down the vocals quite effortlessly over a reggaetón beat and flamenco guitar, accompanied by Fonsi and Daddy Yankee on the chorus. The original track has already gained quite the momentum, sitting on Number 44 on Billboard Hot 100, while also becoming the first Spanish-language song to rank in the Top 10 of Spotify’s Global Chart for 10 consecutive weeks, and the remix featuring Justin Bieber will appease to a wider international audience.

The original version of “Despacito” is currently at No. 44 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

New music :Rick Ross “she on my dick” New music video Featuring Gucci Mane .

​The 41-year-old hip-hop star and the ‘Back on Road’ rapper join forces in the NSFW extravagant video to party with scantily-clad women in a strip club.
Rick Ross has premiered a music video for “She on My D**k” ft.Gucci Mane on VEVO. The four-minute clip finds Ross and Mane having fun in a strip club, as they are surrounded by strippers while delivering their verses. Fellow rappers Young Dolph and DJ Khaled are also seen in the visuals.

The video begins with the strip club’s manager barging in and instructing the strippers to get ready for important clients. “We got a motherf**kin’ red alert in this b***h. We got Rick Rozay, we got Young Dolph, we got motherf**kin’ Guwop. Y’all ready to get this money? I need all hands on deck,” the manager says.

One of the dancers screams in excitement, “Oh my God, Rick Ross? I’m scared.” The manager seems to be unfazed, saying, “Get your a** up there and go get Rick Ross. Rub that n***a beard. Get up there now, Goddamnit.”
The clip then focuses on Ross and Mane who have a blast among the dancing strippers. The music video looks like a typical hip-hop video with women flaunting their bodies and money being tossed around. The clip is labeled NSFW as it shows frontal images of women’s breasts and buttocks.

“B***h hair nappy girl, you need that rich s**t (huh)/ It take real heart to wanna be a rich b***h. She was the youngest and her mama had six kids/ Called her a dummy but she turned into rich b***h (haha),” Ross raps. “Run with a n***a with some money out in Memphis (I see)/ She was postin’ pics of the gifts that he would gift her (I see)/ But the p***y goes to the richest n***a (I see)/ And guess what? Rozay is that n***a!”
“She on My D**k” is one of the tracks off Rozay’s latest effort ” Rather You Than Me” which was released on March 17. The album also features diss tracks titled “Apple of My Eye”, which addresses Nicki Minaj’s past relationship with Meek Mill , and “Idols Become Rivals”, which slams CEO of Cash Money Records Birdman in his feud with Lil Wayne .

“Rather You Than Me” is currently at No. 16 on Billboard 200 chart.